zhik hiking Power Pads 4

zhik hiking Power Pads 4 zhik hiking Power Pads 4

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Power Pads

Ausreithosen  Polster Pads Set als Solo: die Pads werden unter jeder Zhik Hose getragen, eigenständig. Gegen Verrutschen sorgen die quer zum Übermaterial /Hose gewebten Materialien, sodaß gede Zhik Hose geeignet ist die Pads drunter zu haben,
egal ob Fleece Trouser oder Superwarm Skiff Long John! 

Power Pads
The new patented PowerPad system from Zhik reinvents hiking forever. Tested by the Zhik Team, PowerPads  have already won several World Championships.

You will find these supportive pads will stick nicely in place, and not slide around as you hike as they are not connected directly to the suit. The suit can now be comfortable and function with superstretch materials. Hiking has never before been so comfortable!

Designed to work with entire Zhik wetsuit range for the ultimate in hiking comfort.

Check out the Tech Info link below to find out more about the new Power Pads hiking system.

Check the Sizing Chart below to make sure you get fitted correctly and get the most benefit.

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